Go Karts

If you have a need for speed, our NEW race track is the perfect track for you! Faster speeds than before and countless tight turns really puts your driving skills to the test! We have Single Karts and Double Karts to ensure that the whole family will be able to enjoy the thrill of the race. There’s no question that our Go-Karts will be a blast, the only question is who’s going to get the bragging rights that come with 1st place?


  • Ride is 4 Minutes Long
  • Single Go-Karts – $9.00.
  • Must Be 56” Tall to Drive Single Kart
  • Double Go-Karts – $9.00.
  • Must Be 18 Years Old to Drive Double Kart.
  • Must Be 36” Tall to Ride Along in Double Kart