Spin Zone

These are not your everyday bumper cars. Resembling a bumper boat, Spin Zone cars are equipped with two Spin Zones that, when bumped, send the car into a spin! Controlled using a joystick set of controls driving a bumper car has never been easier! With music bumping and a laser light show flashing, you’ll be right in the center of the coolest party in town. Time to send your opponents spinning!


  • Ride is 4 Minutes Long
  • Single Bumper Car – $8.00           
  • Must Be 44” Tall to Drive Single Bumper Car
  • Double Bumper Car – $8.00          
  • Must Be 18 Years Old to Drive Double Bumper Car
  • Must Be 36” Tall to Ride Along in Double Bumper Car

Come and join  the fun!